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Sep 25, 2012 4:00pm EDT
kind of -- it's a release of energy. she does it when she's happy. >> dr. phil: she's been at times very focused and at times wandering. is this fairly typical of her level of functioning? >> yep, yep. >> dr. phil: i appreciate you giving us this time today and letting me spend time with her. thank you for coming. so proud to meet you. okay. so now, at this point she is pretty regulated on her meds, right? >> yes. >> dr. phil: so that's a -- i want people to know. >> she has a level of psychosis, a basis of psychosis -- >> like what people just saw right there, she was on at that time what 600 milligrams of lithium. 250 of plauzapine, which is an anti psychotic and 75 milligrams of thorazene. if any of us took that, we'd be in a coma a walk. >> dr. phil: if she got below those levels -- >> it's goes faster and faster until she goes crazy. that's what happens. >> dr. phil: next, we're going to talk about the issues that susan and michael are having in their marriage that led one of them to actually betray the other. we're going to talk about the reality of that when we come back. [ap
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1